Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS

Short staffing briefing Oct 2002
Staffing paper Oct 2002
The New System briefing June 2002
NHS Reform and Health Care Professions Bill Lords briefing January 2002
NHS Reform and Health Care Professions Bill briefing November 2001
Patient and Public Involvement response October 2001
Watchdog or Lapdog?  

Statements of support

Updated April 2002

Consultation 17th November 2000  

Initial Concerns


Guardian article September 13, 2000  

British Journal of Community Nursing - Guest Editorial Nov 2000

Health Matters - December 2000

Health Matters - Winter 2000/1 Charles Webster article
House of Lords debate 13th February 2003  
Standing Committee on the regulations 10th March 2003  
NHS Reform & Health Care Professions Bill  
NHS Reform & Health Care Professions Act  
Third Reading House of Commons 15th January, 2002  
Second Reading House of Lords 31st January, 2002  
Proposed Amendments to the Bill Lords Committee Stage  
Commitee Stage House of Lords 11th April 2002  
Return to House of Commons following Lords 22nd May 2002  
Final Reading House of Lords 13th June 2002  
Health & Social Care Bill  
Early Day Motions  
Milburn Health Select Committee 8th November 2000  
Health Questions 21 November, 2000  
Adjournment Debate 28th November, 2000  
Prime Minister's Questions 29th November, 2000  
William Hague's response to Queen's Speech 6th Dec, 2000  
Debate on health section of Queen's Speech 7th Dec, 2000  
Debate on Health & Social Care Bill 2nd Reading 11th Jan, 2001  
Committee stage Health & Social Care Bill 30th Jan, 2001  
Prime Minister's Questions, 14th February, 2001  
Third Stage Reading, 14th February, 2001  
Second Reading, House of Lords, 26th February, 2001  
Committee stage, House of Lords, 19th March, 2001  
Report stage, House of Lords, 24th April, 2001  
Recent Press Releases  
Pictures from Parliamentary Lobby 14th February, 2001  

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