Association of Community Health Councils for England and Wales
Standing Committee
ACHCEW's Standing Committee provides a mechanism for two-way communuication between member CHCs and the Association. It considers draft ACHCEW papers and receives responses submitted to consultations and enquiries on behalf of the Association.

The Standing Committee consists of the Chair of the Association, the two Vice-Chairs, the Honorary Treasurer and three representatives from each of the English NHS regions and Wales.

Honorary Officers
Alan Hartley (Chair)
Sally Brearley (Vice Chair)
Donald Roy (Vice Chair)
Graham Girvan (Honorary Treasurer)
North & Yorkshire
Valerie Bryden
Trevor Gauntlett
Ian Mason
Barry Fippard
Susan O'Donnell
David Walsh


John Briggs
Pauline Brown
Keith Jackson
Judith Blakeman
Celia Davies
William G Marks


South & West
Alice Clarke
Mark Woodcock
West Midlands
Pauline Davis
David Mattocks
David Spilsbury
North West
Cath Arnold
John Seddon
South East
Frances Johnson
Gordon Peake
Frank Rust
Peter Johns
Tommy Morgan