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The Commission

on Representing the Public Interest in the Health Service

In February 1999, ACHCEW announced the setting up of an independent commission to look at how best to represent the public interest in the health service. This followed on from the recognition by member CHCs that there needed to be a debate about the future of CHCs, and that this was best put in the context of representing the public interest. A significant amount of work had been done in this area, and it was felt that ACHCEW’s role, in setting up the commission, was to provide a forum for different models for the future to be scrutinised, and ways forward in representing the public interest to be identified. We were fortunate in attracting a wide range of respected and influential members for the commission.

The terms of reference of the commission are:

“To recognise that the ultimate purpose of the NHS is to serve the public interest and to identify the ways in which that public interest can best be served by the achievement of a full and effective system of public accountability.”

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