February 2nd 2001

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Community Health Councils to be retained in Wales

The National Assembly for Wales announced today, as part of its National Plan for Health, that they are to retain Community Health Councils (CHCs). This marks a stark contrast to their counterparts in England who, if current legislation proceeds, will be abolished.

Jane Jeffs, Chief Officer of the Association of Welsh Community Health Councils commented:

‘We are delighted that the Welsh Assembly has shown such a strong commitment to giving the public a voice in health. They have proved this by retaining CHCs.’

Donna Covey, Director of the Association of Community Health Councils for England & Wales, said:

‘The Welsh Assembly has made the bold move of retaining and strengthening the role of Community Health Councils. We call on the UK government to think again about its proposed abolition of CHCs in England.

‘Put alongside the decision to retain Local Health Councils in Scotland, it now seems that the people of England will be alone in the UK in not having access to an effective, independent, statutory Watchdog.’


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