August 7th 2000




Responding to proposals to abolish Community Health Councils, Director of the Association of Community Health Councils for England and Wales, (ACHCEW) Donna Covey said:

‘The announcement came as a shock to us, particularly as we had received repeated assurances that the government saw Community Health Councils (CHCs) as fulfilling a key role in the future NHS.

‘Community Health Councils have been an effective champion of the patients’ interests for over 25 years. In the light of the Shipman enquiry and the Rodney Ledward case, we would have expected their positioned to be strengthened; instead they are to be abolished.

‘Our current concern, which is shared by a wide section of the health community, is that the structures outlined as replacement bodies in the National plan will not be as independent as CHCs, will not have the same powers as CHCs, and will ultimately not be as effective as CHCs.’


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