14th December, 2000

For immediate release

Community Health Councils' Response to

the publication of the Health Plan Scotland

In ‘Our National Health’, the Scottish equivalent of the National Plan, the Scottish Health Minister, Susan Deacon, makes clear both her respect for the ‘excellent work’ of Local Health Councils and her intention of working with them to improve patient representation within the Scottish NHS. No mention is made of abolition as with their equivalent in England - Community Health Councils. Donna Covey, Director of the Association of Community Health Councils, commented:

‘It is now clear that not only is the Secretary of State out of step with the public and the health community on the issue of abolishing Community Health Councils (CHCs) - he is also out of step with his own party in Scotland and Wales.’

‘Our hope is that the government will listen to their colleagues in Scotland & Wales and reconsider the abolition of CHCs in England.’

‘If the people of Scotland and Wales will continue to have access to an independent, local health Watchdog, don’t the people of England deserve the same?’



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